Monday, June 24, 2013

Sustainable Transportation

Transportation: it’s the human activity with one of the highest carbon footprints associated with it.  It is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that contribute to health problems (such as heart and respiratory disease and cancer) as well as environmental degradation.

 What are some things that SMC is doing to provide smarter commuting options?

1) Free access to public transportation: The college is a proud member of CCTA’s Unlimited Access Program - Benefit to all faculty, staff and students.

2) Campus Shuttle: don’t use your car to get from North to Main Campus, or even around Main 
Campus (yes I’m talking to the people that drive from one end of campus to go to the gym!); jump on the shuttle!

3) Campus connector road and bike lane bridging North and Main Campus.

4) Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charge Station – and it does get used by on and off campus folks

5) Hybrid Vehicles in our FleetDid you know that we have several Honda Civic Hybrids in the fleet that are used by faculty and staff for work-related travel?

6) Bike Racks – we have over 20 bike racks scattered about campus to keep your bicycles safe (provided you properly lock them).  Check out a map of where to find them on main campus:

How are we doing though? 
We were last in the Way to Go Commuter Challenge when compared to UVM and Champlain College (we only had 22 employees participate versus 102 at Champlain and 238 at UVM) and CCTA ridership is down from last year.

The folks in the Office of Sustainability are worried about our community’s commuting habits and want to understand more about the choices we make.  We’d love it if you could fill out a very short survey we put together (right now it's for Faculty and Staff: if you go on the portal page, put your mouse over Campus Services, go to the facility services page, scroll all the way down, you'll find a link under Sustainability Announcements)

Please know that this survey is just intended to get a baseline of our commuting habits and start getting a sense of what the community would like to see, or not see, to make some of our commuting choices a bit more sustainable.  We definitely know that for many folks sustainable commuting just isn't an option (juggling family life, other outside of work appointments, etc), but we want to know that, rather than assume and be cynical that you don't commute sustainably because you don't care.  For those that do have some wiggle room, we'd like to know how the college can help!
If you fill it out, we’ll show you our appreciation and enter you into a raffle to win a snazzy purple Brita Water Bottle with filters!