Friday, May 3, 2013

Students Compete in 3rd Annual Electricity Competition

At the end of each Spring semester, for the past 3 years, the Office of Sustainability has organized an electricity competition for students living in all the Townhouses, Hodson and Ethan Allen Apartments.  This competition runs for weeks (this year it went from April 8th to April 29th ).  Just under 500 students were challenged to see which units in each area would have the lowest total per capita kWh over the 3 week period.  The winners receive a delicious local meal from Sugar Snap (thanks to the Student Association).

Each student received an excel spreadsheet that had their baseline usage, weekly usage update and what they could expect their monthly electricity bill to be based on the previous weeks usage.   Students were also able to check-out a Watts up Pro meter to learn about the electricity consumption of their appliances.
Together, the students saved 37,497 kWh of electricity in just 3 weeks solely based on changing their behaviors.  Imagine what the savings could be if we all paid a little bit more attention to our electricity consumption habits year-round?
If you are interested in checking out a Watts Up Meter to inventory your appliances, the Office of Sustainability has several to lend out for a short period of time.  All you have to do is find the office (and arrange a pick-up time).
Congrats to this year’s winners:

TH 100s:
Christopher DeMairo
Andrew Landers
Edward Van Sicle
Timothy McDonald

TH 200s:
Kristen Fleming
Mallory Hyland
Brittany Cantore
Lauren Mercik

TH 300s (2 winners)
Melissa Morrison
Elyse Gentile
Andrea Nelson
Emma Hauser

 Caroline Ward
Hanna German
Jennifer Lockfort
Anna Scotto

TH 400s
Thomas Dickerson
Michael Holland
Jared Peick
Patrick Bousquet
Eric Parziale

Courtney Dunne
Chelsey Covitz
Meghan Howard
Shavon Kenney

Ethan Allen
Chantel Albert
Maeve Carroll