Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cycling on Campus and Beyond

Dare I say that Spring is finally here?  The calendar says so, the sound of the birds say so, the buds on the trees and flowers starting to bloom also say so and all you cyclists out there are definitely saying it’s time for Spring!

As more and more of you are dusting off your bikes and using them to get around campus and the surrounding area, I wanted to take this time to let you know about a few bike resources/safety tips for campus:

1) We have many bike racks around campus.  In fact, Green Up and the Office of Sustainability purchased 4 brand new bike racks as a present to the campus for Earth Day (we put them together ourselves too!).  Check-out this map of all the current locations of bike racks on campus:

2) Lock your bikes when you leave them alone.   Use the “D” locks when you lock your bikes up, they are much more secure.  Also, lock your bikes to the racks not the trees (it hurts the trees on campus!)

3) Register your bike with Public Safety and obtain a bicycle registration sticker to help identify owners of found, recovered or impounded bicycles.  Fill out the online form here:

4) Follow the rules of the road for safe and responsible cycling:

5) Find a trail and get out there (after your school work is done of course)!