Monday, July 9, 2012

Air Conditioning Use for the Environmentally Conscious

With the heat ramping up, many of you have asked if there’s a policy on campus for when to use Air Conditioners and what’s the proper temperature to set them to.

While the college does not have a specific policy on the window Air Conditioning units, here are some helpful tips to follow if you want to stay comfortable in the heat and still be mindful of the increased electricity load:

1)      If it’s a cool (non-humid morning), open up the windows and get that nice air inside before the sun gets too high.  Window fans work great to ventilate a space (and generally use less electricity than your AC).  Shut your curtains/blinds before the sun surfaces, this really helps to trap the cool air in and keep the hot air out.

2)      A “good” temperature setting for your air conditioner is 72.

3)      For every degree above 72 you set the air conditioner at, you can save 1-3% on your electricity bill (so if you can handle it, definitely set it higher than 72).

4)       If your work allows, seek out a building that has central AC rather than turn on an individual window unit.  The Library not only has a fabulous, friendly staff but it is also quite comfortable on hot days.