Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Students Compete in 2nd Annual Electricity Competition

Students living in the Townhouses, Hodson and Ethan Allen apartments competed in a 3-week Electricity Competition that started on March 26th and finished on April 16th.  Just under 500 students were challenged to see which units in each area would have the lowest total per capita kWh over the 3 week period.  The winners received a delicious local meal from Sugar Snap (thanks to the Student Association for their co-sponsorship of the competition for the second year in a row).

Each student received an excel spreadsheet that had their baseline usage, weekly usage update and what they could expect their monthly electricity bill to be based on the previous weeks usage.   Students were also able to check-out a Watts up Pro meter to learn about the electricity consumption of their appliances.  Those that checked out a watts up meter and filled out the appliance form were entered to win 1 of 3 Equal Exchange Fair Trade gift baskets.

Together, the students saved 17,623 kWh of electricity in just 3 weeks solely based on changing their behaviors.   The spring 2011 competition resulted in a bit more savings of 25,758 kWh over the 3 week period.  Why the difference?  A few thoughts:

(1) students living in the townhouses and apartments are a mix of juniors and seniors, one could assume the juniors from last year (now seniors) learned a lot of new habits from the first competition that have stayed with them (hence the lower usage from the start, this year's baselines were lower than last year's!)
(2) We’ve had a very mild winter/spring.  The competition this year occurred during some very warmer than usual days (many of the units run on electric heat)
(3) Most likely a combination of the two (I'd like to place a higher emphasis on the first one though;)!

Imagine what the savings could be if we all paid a little bit more attention to our electricity consumption habits year-round (both at home and at work)!

A Huge Congrats to the winners of this year's competition:
TH 100s --- 102
Chelsey Beard
Jordan Graves
Liane Ranagan
Cara Sherry

TH 200s --- 221
Amy Blackey
Carissa Tinker
Sarah Cino
Gabrielle Knight

TH 300s --- 309 & 335
Juliette Gaudier-Jabaut
Samantha Martell
Maria Cole
Coligny Tataro
Kevin O’Riordan
Jacob Carleen
Matthew Phillips
Patrick Crannell

TH 400s --- 413
Michaela Burns
Alyssa Malone
Susan Molzon
Arielle Smith
Eileen Mullowney

HODSON -- 202
Natalie Watson
Lisa Knobel
Kathleen Collins

Olivia McCall
Laura Levin
Molly Moran
Amy Forshay
If you would like to check-out a Watts Up Meter from the Office of Sustainability, please contact the Sustainability Coordinator (they may be checked-out for 1 week at a time, there are a limited number available).