Monday, September 26, 2011

Moving Planet Rally Recap

September 24, 2011 marked this year's 350.0rg day of action. It was a day to put our demands for climate action into motion, calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels. There were over 2000 events in more than 175 countries on that day. A handful of dedicated, motivated Saint Michael's College students attended one of these rallies in the state capital, Montpelier.

Half the group made the journey to Montpelier from Saint Mike's campus via bicycles, leaving mid-morning on Saturday to make the 45+ mile trek to Montpelier and arriving on the state house lawn by 3:00, in plenty of time to enjoy some free Ben & Jerry's ice cream and listen to a great line-up of speakers (which finished with speeches from Governor Shumlin and Senator Bernie Sanders).

It was increidbily inspirational to have been there that day on the statehouse lawn, with the group of amazingly motivated, passionate and dedicated students. It's easy to get frustrated with lack of change while you constantly push for it. I believe that these events are important not just to make a statement and get a message out, but it's so important to refuel all of us that are working towards the same goal. We need these moments to see that we aren't alone, that so many people are pushing alongside you for climate action. We need to remember to take these moments, reflect, and get back out there to make a difference.

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